Book review : ‘Kafka on the Shore’ ( with minor spoilers )


I recently had the opportunity to read the work of one of the most celebrated Japanese author, Mr Haruki Murakami. Kafka on the Shore is a beautiful novel that revolves around the life of Kafka Tamura (15) and old Satoru Nakata. The odd chapters paint Kafka’s struggle while the even chapters give insight into Nakata’s innocent world.

*Spoiler alert*

The book was first published in 2002 and has about 610 pages. The story starts with young Kafka running away from his father’s home. Kafka’s mother had abandoned the family years ago and had taken his adopted elder sister along with herself. Kafka used to live alone with his father and decided to take this step because of his father’s strictness. After all, if he would have ran away earlier, it would have been too soon. A little late and it would have been too late.  ( you’re gonna have to read the book to get this  xD )

Nakata, on the other hand, is probably one of the coolest characters I’ve had the honor to meet. He couldn’t care less if the world is flat or round. Once the brightest kid in class, his fate took a complete turn during a school excursion ( during WW2 ) where he lost his consciousness. After spending months in different hospitals – military and civil, he regained his consciousness but with sentience, came no memory of the past. As if someone had rubbed the slate clean, he had even forgotten his own name and the name of his parents. But life had other plans for Mr Nakata and though he could not relate well to his fellow humans, he could do so easily with the cats.

*spoiler free*

Murakami has created a story that a friend of mine described as ‘dreamlike’, for it is the mot juste! I think this novel has a brilliant blend of suspense, thrill, fantasy, introspection and sexuality. The book sets out on a journey; a journey to destiny. Nakata and Kafka both start on the journey to their destiny, completely unaware of how their fates are intertwined. ‘Kafka on the Shore’ is funny, silly, depressing, enlightening and above all, a beautiful book. I would definitely recommend this book for others to read.

To new beginnings!


You know that feeling deep down, when you just know that things are about to change? It can be anything – new school, new city, new country.  That feeling leaves you exasperated and that’s exactly what’s been going on with me lately.

I am capricious because of the new changes that are about to come in my life. I am graduating as an engineer later this July. It was an arranged marriage and things didn’t quite worked out for us so we had to call it splits. So now, after choking myself for 4 long years, I am going to be out on the streets again. I feel like a prisoner – locked away in some dungeon for far too long; who is about to be released to the world soon. I feel insecure about what lies ahead, excited about going for civil service preparations and hopeless about making new friends ( but it isn’t new so that’s okay xD ).

I think that’s just how life is. You can never be sure of what lies ahead. Four years ago, I didn’t believe I could have the life that I am living today. I am doing way better than I could have surmised. A series of events shaped me into the person who I am today and I think that’s how it works. A series of choices, decisions, heartbreaks, failures – they shape you. At this stage, I think the best thing to is to believe in myself and go on with my plans. I’ll embrace whatever life sends my way with open arms. Call me superstitious but I think whatever happens, no matter how small or big- happens for a greater good. It’s your choices that decide if it’s going to be good for you as well or not. So I’m gonna give warm welcome to this change. New city , new people, new goals!

I hope you can relate to this. Do you have any such experiences? Share them with me by commenting down below! 🙂