Book review : Ewan Pendle and the White Wraith (Kindle edition)

I had an amazing chance of meeting the author online. Mr. Shaun Hume asked me if I would like to read his work and I readily agreed. I had never read an e-book before and I’m glad that this was my first one. We exchanged a few emails and he sent me the book for free in exchange for an honest review. Here it goes!

Number of pages : 496

Published by : Popcorn & Rice Publishing

Published : October 31st 2012

When I first got this book, I did what anyone would do – go to goodreads and read the reviews. It was something along the lines of “An antidote to Post-Potter Depression!”  or ” if you are suffering from post-potter depression…” . Frankly, unlike others potterheads, I wasn’t much excited. Little did I know that I was in for a surprise.

The story revolves around Ewan Pendle, a weird eleven year old. An orphan who spent more time traveling from one foster home to another than with the foster families, Ewan always had a tough time with his foster siblings and kids his age. The problem with Ewan was that he could ‘see’ things. Things that others around him couldn’t. He accepted that he should never talk about these ‘sightings’ with others his age but all that was about to change.

Ewan’s life took a sharp U-turn when he met Enola. Little did Ewan know that he will set forth on a journey that will re-define all that he knew as ‘facts’! This book is about Ewan’s journey where he started to understand why he was the way he was. Was he weird at all? That’s for you to judge. Did he ever make friends? Find out for yourself because trust me, this is not a book I will dare to spoil for you!

Ewan Pendle and the white wraith  is a fast paced book which will keep you turning the pages. I took over a month to finish this but then I had my university exams, farewell, graduation and business meetings. Despite of having a tight schedule, this book never got off my mind. One of the reason being the style of writing. The author has a way with words and for a logophile like me, it is just an add-on. I also liked the fact that while this book has rich vocabulary ( something YA’s lack these days ), it is also very simple to read.

The story slowly builds up the characters and with time, you will realize that they have their own uniqueness. I loved Enola , Enid and Mathilde’s character the most. I wish I could have read more about Mathilde though. Shaun, you reading this? There are just so many unanswered questions! I also wanted to see Ewan getting a girlfriend but hey, they are still kids. Let’s not go there yet. xD   I’m sure Shaun has something planned for Ewan. While reading I was trying to see what Shaun has planned but honestly, it’s too soon to tell and I guess I will have to wait for the second installment if I want to quench my thirst for these answers.

I definitely wish to see how Ewan turns out and will definitely recommend this book to you all. You can get the book by clicking HERE!

Ratings : 4/5



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