Why I want to join Indian Foreign Service!

I am very fond of Quora as it is a place where you can increase your knowledge, have intellectually stimulating conversations and also read some of the weirdest stuff ever. Of all the questions that I have found myself interested in answering, this one had got me interested like no other question ever did  : Why do you want to become an IFS officer? Observing that this is also one of the most common interview questions, I thought I should do a post on this!

Here are the reasons behind why I wish to join Indian diplomacy!

KEEP-CALM-AND-CRACK-UPSC.jpg(Image source : Ias exam portal )
  1. Challenge of UPSC civil service exams!
    The thing with people like me is that we love a good challenge and what better challenge can life present if not the toughest competitive exam of this country. Out of all the posts available, IFS constitutes for 8-15 vacancies every year ( although there are indications of increase in this number ). So this means that from rank 1 onwards, only 8-15 people will have the honor of identifying themselves as a diplomat. Number of candidates who appear in this test? close to 11 lacks! yes, you read that right!

    49668793.jpg.gif( Image source : Google )
  2. A chance to represent India on international forums.
    It has been my dream to be the voice and representative of 1.3 billion Indians ever since I was a kid. I realize that as a country and a collective consciousness, we have a lot to work on. I also know what a beautiful blend of colors my country is.  The fact that bing an IFS officer gives you the chance to represent India – Its interests, its culture and its diversity is truly an honor. It also opens up a wide spectrum of issues that one can work on in order to contribute to the development of this collective consciousness.I-wish-I-had-never-gone-traveling-said-no-one-ever.jpg

    ( Image source : http://www.off-the-path.com )
  3. Traveling
    The longest I’ve ever lived in any city after leaving my parent’s house at the age of 11 were the last four years in Bangalore. Now that I think of it, I love this lifestyle as it has allowed me to experience a cultural, religious, linguistic and social diversity. All these experiences have made me who I am today and I truly grateful for that. Now imagine moving to a whole new country every 2-3 years? Also, I love traveling and I can’t wait to see this beautiful world.

    web15-siteimages-feature-humanrights-1012x729-v02_0.png(Image source : Google )
  4. Working for a greater cause
    I believe that there isn’t any greater form of service than the service of humanity. IFS opens up new horizons for me to work with international institutions like UNHRC, WHO,  Amnesty international and many more, in the field of peacemaking, human rights, education, anti- terrorism and what not. I will not only be representing my country but also it’s ancient values of creating a peaceful world. I cannot think of a greater honor than serving humanity in times when most of us have given up on it.

    Screen-Shot-2015-10-15-at-10.12.41-PM.png( Image source : Google )
  5.  Learning new things
    I believe that a good job should not only add value to your resume but also to your personal life. An IFS officer will have opportunities to learn new languages and also gaining a whole new perspective on life. I hope to meet interesting people from whom I can learn new things and also learn to cook dishes from different places. A true foodie never changes. xD

    Downsizing-Retirement-Lifestyle-2.jpg( Image source : Google )
  6. Providing a better lifestyle to my family
    Let’s just be honest for a minute, we also look for ‘what’s-in-it-for-me’ when deciding on a career path and I think it’s only fair that I also asked myself that. The answer is simple, I can provide better lifestyle to my family. Like any other parents, my parents made a lot of sacrifices for their kids and it is my moral obligation and a real honor to serve such beautiful souls. The day I see that pride in their eyes, it will mean more to me than all the perks that an IFS officer gets! Also, at the same time, I will create better life opportunities for my kids ( if I ever have/adopt any ).

    quote-life-story.png(Image source : Google )
  7. A story to tell
    A life where you have endless stories to tell is a life well lived, indeed!

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